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2010 in review

Well, looking back at 2010 it was a good year art wise for me. I started the year with work up in the $10,000 BSG Art Prize in Melbourne (Unfortunately, I didn’t take home the prize money!), I was in a further seven exhibitions over the year and finished up the year with work in the Fit to Print Exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery, where I sold seven prints. Another highlight for the year was being selected for the Sweet Streets – street art exhibition at 1000pound bend, where I also sold my painting along with five more prints. In the course of the year I managed to see some of my stickers get used on the cabinets at the National Gallery of Australia for their Space Invaders – Australian Street Art Exhibition, which was pretty nice!

Two thousand and ten also saw me really get back into the swing of painting again, completing over 30 paintings for the year. And in the later half I was invited by two new galleries starting in 2011 to show work with them (One in Melbourne and one in Geelong). Commercially, I undertook a few projects including doing all the design work for the Click Clack project, a sound and performance project doing shows at Footscray Community Arts and Fortyfive Downstairs. This resulted in two runs of rock posters around Melb, a further folding poster/booklet and a CD using my images. I also coordinated the Street Salon project for the Geelong Arts Alliance with David Dellafiora, presenting an exhibition of around 150 works during the UCI bike trials in a shop front in Geelong.

I continued creating my No Frills zines with a further 4 or 5 getting made over the year. I also sold a back catalogue of these to an archive in Sydney…which always helps fund further publications. I slowed down a bit on the T-Shirt designing which I enjoy, but still managed to shift more than 200 tees through my online store. Two hundred more minions spreading my messages on their chests sound pretty damn good to me! 😉

Health wise was probably the biggest downer for the year, my immune system played up and I also managed to tear a muscle about 70% of the way through in my calf keeping me out of action for a fair bit. This all paled into insignificance though, when I found out that my mum would be battling cancer and going through chemo. But things are looking up across the board and fingers crossed they will continue too!

So on that note let’s hope 2011 holds positive things ahead, good health for all and creativity aplenty.


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I have been a bit quiet of late due to an injury slowing me down and a serious illness in the family being a focus of my time. Anyway, here are a few pasters up in Melbourne…generally round Hosier. Enjoy!

Toxic Mickey

Small Terrorist

Brumby…this one actually went up round the time of the election.

The Raven

Words are Weapons Mash up

We are the real Pests

I also threw a few of these Terrorists mugshots up for Prefab 77, a collective from US now living in the UK…while i was out and about to give  them a presence in melbs. So if you don’t know there stuff go look em up…they do massive paste ups on the whole side of buildings!

and finally here are a few of my new stickers…


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