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Today about a dozen or so artists hit up the back section of Hosier lane in Melbourne to do a wall in protest of the BP oil spill. There were some of the familiar suspects from the scene including HaHa, Civil and Mags(from brisvegas) among others. It was a pretty cool day with everyone helping each other out and working well together to link in a whole bunch of diverse styles and create a bit of unity surrounding this important issue.

Below the hive of activity:

I think this piece was my favorite for the day. It kind of sumed up the overall message in a light hearted way. I have a few process shots so you can see it coming together.

This work was also pretty rocking, and a massive stencil  The text is a little burried in the image but it says ‘ Cars suck ‘, and hopefully it works on a subliminal level. Bikes rule!

Here are a bunch of other shots of the work getting made.

below are a couple of stencils by HAHA:

 The crew were still going when i left for the day…so get on down there if you are in the neighbourhood, as its well worth a look at the wall. Those of you who follow my tees may be familiar with these little images. 😉

and this one…

We also helped put up a set of the new Breakdown Press Peace Posters. These are also floating about in Melb for free, so keep your eyes peeled as they are well worth a look.

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Here are my new die cut to shape stickers that just arrived. Very happy with the results…they look sweet.

and these pamphlets are my tongue in cheek ‘Dollar a Day – Change an Artists life’ brochures. These will be out and about in the public sphere soon.  Although, they may end up in black and white on coloured stock to make them viable as freebies and viable for my hip pocket. So if your looking for a laugh, keep your eyes peeled…

and finally a little stencil of my local just for fun. Enjoy!

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My latest statement on BP and their mess. The mess that could have be avoided if the bottom line was not more important than environmental safety. Although, BP are not alone. Thousands of oil spills happen every year and most get little or no media coverage yet do untold damage. Its time to change and move toward the more sustainable and safe alternatives that have been developed such as solar, wind and hydro to name a few.

Stay tuned to see more of this guy!

You can also get this image on a t-shirt here >>

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Here are a couple of new mash up images that i have been playing around with this week. I was thinking of maybe making a few screen prints using these images onto plywood. Not sure though…So at this point these are basically straight digital print mockups.


and up at Hosier Lane Melbourne…

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Here is my new NFA tee – Pests. Enjoy! Cick on the image to find out more info or purchase the tee.

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This week i spent some time with Noise Scavengers – A youth experimental sound/noise group out at Cloverdale Community Centre in Geelong. I took some images and may be doing a bit of design work for them in the near future. So if your around Geelong this saturday, be sure to drop in to the Valley Mill to catch the show…and some experimental sound that you don’t too often see grace Gtown.

Stay tuned for more info and events about Noise Scavengers…

THE DESERT (a one hour show)

Sonic adventures with field recordings from Corio and found sound objectsfeaturing  teen sound artists NOISE SCAVENGERS

posh arty musos   BOLT ENSEMBLE

(Adam Simmons, Belinda Woods, Timothy Phillips)

 When:   4pm Saturday 10th July 2010

 Where: The Valley Mill, corner of Swanston & Fyans Streets Geelong

 Cost:    Gold coin donation

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