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R.I.P. Mum

Well the last few weeks have been a bit sad with the loss of my mother through cancer. She was an art teacher, artist and all round crafty type…not to mention a good person in every way. It is probably safe to say that she is one of the main reasons why I began creating art in the first place due to the constant supply of art materials that surrounded me in the household, combined with her ongoing support and encouragement for my art practice.

One of the things that she always wanted and that she has been reminding me about over the last ten or so years was that she really wanted me to draw on her coffin when it was her time to move on from this life. So last week the inevitable moment arrived…

I had warned her that this was probably the last thing I would feel like doing at such a sad time…however, I always new that it would be the least I could do for an awesome upbringing and to…if only in the smallest of ways say thank you for everything. So due to the personal nature of the image I won’t go right into detail with some of the symbolism, but in short the image is a representation of her workspace/clutter that adjoined our lounge room…affectionately named the bus stop. This space allowed her to do all things arty/crafty while being in close contact with her family. It often grew and teetered on the the edge of getting out of control!

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