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My latest statement on BP and their mess. The mess that could have be avoided if the bottom line was not more important than environmental safety. Although, BP are not alone. Thousands of oil spills happen every year and most get little or no media coverage yet do untold damage. Its time to change and move toward the more sustainable and safe alternatives that have been developed such as solar, wind and hydro to name a few.

Stay tuned to see more of this guy!

You can also get this image on a t-shirt here >>

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Here is my new NFA tee – Pests. Enjoy! Cick on the image to find out more info or purchase the tee.

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Here is some cool footage from redbubble’s Mr Baxter of the digital printer/production floor and one of my Raven tees being  manufactured. The design is obviously inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe poem of the same name…and if you didn’t know already Ravens are the new image of choice for your tee in 2010.

BTW, this is the first ever RB back print. Enjoy!

Special Thanks to Mr Baxter for this vid.

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Here is my new Generic Engineering (Custom Zebra) T-Shirt that i just got back this week. If i do say so myself it looks stunning in the flesh and I can tell it will both turn heads and start conversations. Big props to Redbubble for their quality products as this is as good as any tee i have owned. And the turn around time was only about a week so I couldn’t ask for anything more really.

Available here >>

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A bullet with your name on it… (Hello my Name is)

A Bullet with your name on it by nofrillsart

Available here >>

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T-Shirts the Old Skool way…

Here is the documentation shots from a recent workshop i was asked to do at a local community centre in my hometown. We were making T-Shirts using spray cans, stencils and markers. Overall, I think there were some excellent results and all involved had a great day.


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