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I have been stuck indoors a lot lately so i haven’t got out to do much outside…so i have been doing some new works for walls of the inside variety. Heading towards an exhibion at some point.

Anyway, here are a few i have been working on.



Remote Control (Frame by Frame) after Duchamp – Mixed Media on Canvas, 2011 – 650 x 900 mm


Life is not Black and White – Mixed Media on Canvas, 600 x 600 mm – 2011


Cassette Mouse – Mixed Media on Canvas, 650 x 750 mm – 2011

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New Paintings

Here are a couple of new works that i have been doing over the weekend. They are kind of just paste ups of my computer based work on canvas…hopefully keeping the street aesthetic alive.

 Everywhere CCTV – Mixed Media on Canvas (25 x 30 cms)

Soldier of Misfortune – Mixed Media on Canvas (30 x 30 cms)

And while on the SoMF image above, I am thinking it might make a nice image for a hand sprayed screen print edition?!

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