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Now for something very different…

For those who were paying attention last year I took part in the Game of Kings, Chess Illustration project set up by Simon Sherry. Well a year has rolled around and now all the pieces are complete and the battle is about to begin. The task this time round was to take the characters designed by one of the other eight illustrators and re-interpret them in your own way based on the Story line by Danny Nolan.

A very tough challenge based on the standard of work by the other artists involved!

Below is a teaser for my scene of the rook wiping out the bishop…

just one of the many illustrated moves written into the story.

So if Chess is your thing, or if your keen to read the writing of Danny and see what some of the new recruits are going to do…especially new works by the likes of artists Nick Ford and Matt Dunn to name a few awesome additions.

You can follow it here: Game of Kings (Redbubble), Blog or website…facebook….twitter…etc

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From  now until the 14th November you can get my T-Shirts over at Redbubble at a discount price drop of 15%.

 So now is the time to stock up for christmas!

When going through the checkout process just enter: nofrillsart_is_on_sale_6492

Visit my T-Shirt site here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/nofrillsart



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Here is some cool footage from redbubble’s Mr Baxter of the digital printer/production floor and one of my Raven tees being  manufactured. The design is obviously inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe poem of the same name…and if you didn’t know already Ravens are the new image of choice for your tee in 2010.

BTW, this is the first ever RB back print. Enjoy!

Special Thanks to Mr Baxter for this vid.

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Here is my new Generic Engineering (Custom Zebra) T-Shirt that i just got back this week. If i do say so myself it looks stunning in the flesh and I can tell it will both turn heads and start conversations. Big props to Redbubble for their quality products as this is as good as any tee i have owned. And the turn around time was only about a week so I couldn’t ask for anything more really.

Available here >>

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Just picked up a copy of the latest issue of Nett Magazine. It has an article on co-founder of the Redbubble site Martin Hosking. They used a few images from some of the designers off the site for the layout, which i think actually looks pretty slick for a business type magazine. I was happy to see both my Environmental Footprint and my Roadmap to Peace get an outing.

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A bullet with your name on it… (Hello my Name is)

A Bullet with your name on it by nofrillsart

Available here >>

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